Wood stoves

Woodstoves for your home

Environmentally-friendly feel-good atmosphere

A flickering fire, crackling and crunching, cosy warmth and comfort: A wood stove offers you the perfect feel-good package for your home. A stove fired with wood – there’s not much else you need to bring the whole family together. With a wood stove as the heart of your home, it becomes really cosy, really quickly. It's the way to create an atmosphere where everyone sits back, relaxes and enjoys the time spent at home. Alone, as a couple, or with a large party of friends.


What's more: heating with firewood is environmentally friendly because it uses renewable resources. Your wood stove is also ideal for the transitional periods between summer and winter, and as an economical support for your standard heating system during the cold winter months.

Our wood stoves

Equipped with that extra bit of cosiness

May we introduce you to your new family member? Our Corso is sure to feel perfectly at home with you and will bring you just that extra bit of cosiness you were looking for. It comes, for example, with our safe lock system. This means that the closed door is always tightly sealed. The hydraulic system is virtually maintenance-free and low-wear. The door opens and closes easily in almost complete silence. And thanks to the air circulation in the ergonomically shaped tube handle, the temperature on the surface is greatly reduced so you can safely touch it. Store your wood always clean and tidy due to the wood storage door.


Safe-locking-system Air-flow handle Solid cast iron door Door wood storage

More for your family and yourself: Your ORANIER-Plus.

Protects the environment.

Decreases heating costs.

Ensures cosiness.