Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves for your home

Regulated and easy heating

Environmentally-friendly pellet heating uses future-oriented technology. In addition, the cost-effective heating technology with its high degree of efficiency allows you even more operating convenience. ORANIER’s pellet stoves offer fully-automated regulation heating and combine high-tech at its best with an attractive design and a high practical value with the lowest emission figures. In short: a real asset for your whole family - today and in future.


Good to know: In contrast to the traditional stove, pellet stoves allow you to set the desired target temperature. If necessary, the stove can also be stopped immediately by means of a remote control. Overheating can thus be prevented. Another benefit is that there is no need for you to constantly put on more wood: the oven itself takes care of dispensing the number of pellets it needs. Would you like to know more about the benefits our pellet stoves have to offer? Get in touch! Customer service is our forte.

Pellet stoves

A pellet stove features many technical extras, for example the uncomplicated way of getting the fire going simply at the push of a button. The desired temperature is then quickly reached. And anyway: pellet stoves are easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Boiler pellet stoves

Our boiler pellet stove can be suitable for heating an entire family home when combined with a solar power system. The water is warmed up by the stove’s heat and then fed into the heater via the pipe.

More for your family and yourself: Your ORANIER-Plus.

Especially durable

An ORANIER pellet stove is a 'fire-work' that stays lit - and something that you'll enjoy for a long time.


Technically mature

Utmost care in development and more than 100 years of experience culminate in products that meet the highest technical standards.

Spoilt for choice

Chose from a variety of stylish designs and an array of beautiful colours to create the warmth that you desire.

Timeless beauty

ORANIER stands for a design that outlasts every trend. Our pellet stoves offer a beautiful solutions for many years to come.

The highlights of our pellet stoves

Our award-winning Carus pellet stoves combine  beauty with functionality: they bring elegance to a modern family’s everyday life and captivate with their environmentally-friendly, climate-neutral, and cost-effective appearance. Carus stoves feature an XL pellet tank - for an XL heating capacity of up to 100 hours. The cover plate of the pellet stove can be moved easily to allow for convenient refilling. The digital control panel is retractable which allows for an undisturbed view of the fire and of this very special flaming piece of furniture. All the stove’s functions can also be set via a remote control.

The comfortable rod handle makes opening the door easy. And the automatic burn pot cleaning function saves you time and work. By the way: Our Carus stove is a real winner: the winner of the Design Award Special 2016. It scores with its slim and cylindrical round silhouette, as well as with a large glass panel and many technical extras.

Extra großer Pellettank Schiebemechanismus für bequeme Pelletbefüllung Versenkbares Bedienfeld Komfortable Türöffnungsfunktion mit Stangengriff Automatische Brennertopf-Reinigungsfunktion Design Award Special 2016