Extractor hoods

What makes the perfect extractor hood?

A high extraction capacity, high grease filter efficiency, and quiet fans

You enjoy cooking and roasting food. Your dishes are a delight. But you certainly don't want to have the smell of your stir fry linger in your kitchen for hours. We understand that perfectly well. It is often a nuisance, especially in open-plan living spaces. An efficient extractor hood with a highly efficient grease filter may be just the thing you're looking for. And the quieter it runs, the better. ORANIER’s extractor hoods aren’t just the stylish highlight of your kitchen. What makes them particularly impressive is their high extraction capacity, efficient grease separation, and the quiet fans.

Unpleasant  odours and vapours from your kitchen are caught directly above the hob and carried outside by means of extracted air, or reliably cleaned via air recirculation. Installed to be unnoticed, or as an eye-catcher in stainless steel and glass, our extractor hoods offer clear designs and natural air.

Our extractor hoods

Why an extractor hood from ORANIER?

Large variety of models.

Stylish and timeless designs.

High quality of workmanship and materials.

Quiet fans.

Particularly high grease filter efficiency.

Professional recirculation set

Built-in. With headroom.

Our headroom wall hood Meba S has no reason to hide. On the contrary: it is ergonomically shaped to give you the necessary headroom when cooking so you don’t have to duck. And it comes with a remote control for simple and convenient operation from a short distance away. The body is available in an elegant black or white with a stainless-steel shaft. The shaft may be left out, if you wish - just let us know, and we'll be happy to advise you. This extractor hood is easy on your ears and discreet in terms of noise. After all, your kitchen is a place to relax.

Stainless steel shaft Remote Grease filter-efficiency B Quiet operation