Built-in ovens

What makes the perfect built-in oven?

The oven is the heart of every kitchen.

When a variety of ingredients combine to make for a delicious dish, or the beautiful smell of cakes and pastries fill your home, it is difficult to resist. If you want your next birthday cake to be  perfect and your Christmas cookies to be baked simultaneously on two to three levels, you need a built-in oven that you can trust. At Oranier you'll find just the oven to suit your needs.


With helpful features and convenient extras, our ovens, made from sturdy materials, ensure that you enjoy your meals promptly and in a consistently high quality. Optimal heat distribution with both the hot air and circulating air functions, a generous oven, and many extras: that's what makes baking and cooking fun.


Our built-in ovens

The benefits of our built-in ovens

Self-cleaning function

Cleaning without detergent: Fats and food residue are effectively eliminated at 450 °C. What remains is just a bit of ash that is easy to remove (not for all appliances).



The oven door closes gently and quietly due to the integrated damping technology. Loud slamming of the oven door is therefore a thing of the past.

XL size oven

Room for the biggest baking trays and masterpieces: Whether bakery products or sweet treats - on six insertion levels there's plenty of room for your delights.

4-stream technology

A novel technology for hot air and circulating air achieves perfect heat distribution in the XL oven and allows baking on up to three levels.

Perfect lighting

Keep track of what's going on in your oven: lighting on both sides is a genuine plus in comfort. The laterally offset arrangement of the lights ensures bright illumination in the built-in oven.

Cool-door function

Safe from burns. The oven door comes with quadruple glazing and ventilation of the inner glass. The outside temperature of the door is therefore no more than lukewarm.

Super clean in no time

Our self-cleaning feature affords you an unparalleled reduction in workload. You can confidently avoid the use of detergents: Fats and food residue are eliminated at 450 °C. What remains is just a bit of ash - and that's easy to wipe off with a damp cloth. Sounds good? Then we have just the right thing for you: with an interior volume of 73 litres, our EBP 9884 12 self-cleaning built-in oven is large enough even for your XL baking ideas. And it cleans itself later.

Six insertion levels give you the flexibility you need - and thanks to our 4-stream technology, the heat is perfectly distributed in the oven. The pyro-express function allows you to use the residual heat from the previous cooking process for cleaning,  thus shortening the cleaning time to 60 minutes. And our twin display with touch control makes the operation of this built-in oven child's play: all settings can be easily made via the touch control on the device. The sensor-controlled fully automatic ACS cooking system  assists you when preparing roasts, poultry, pastry or pizza: simply choose the type of food, insert in in the oven and press start.