Wood stove sets

Wood stove sets for your home

Your living room’s gem

Granted: Stonewalled stoves are timelessly beautiful. However, they can rarely be matched to the style of the individual décor. With our ORANIER lightweight concrete sets for your fireplace, you have the freedom to create warmth in your home in a way that best suits your family. A closed fireplace combines the advantages of wood stoves with those of a heater: Highly-efficient heating inserts are combined with prefabricated cladding, which can quickly be set up and dismantled again as a kit. Thanks to the highly insulating back, this is even possible without a gap between the stove and the wall.

The exterior appearance can be designed to match the room in which you are planning to set up your fireplace. To do this, you simply paint the lightweight concrete elements with customary emulsion paint to suit your taste. This special heating system is a real gem for every living space: through a large glass panel you can see the burning logs while you enjoy the pleasant warmth of the fire. A fireplace from ORANIER can also make for an attractive room divider.

Our wood stove sets

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The highlights of our wood stoves sets

A triple-effect fireplace: Allow us to present CLUB Tre, an elegant U-shaped room divider that lets you see the flames from three sides. CLUB Tre is our response to today's large, open-plan spaces in which the individual living areas merge seamlessly into one another. CLUB Tre allows you to combine extravagance with cosiness by optically splitting your living space without explicitly separating the individual areas.

Like all the models in the fireplace range, CLUB Tre is a light-weight concrete construction kit that allows for a simple and quick set up. Another advantage: The surface of the concrete elements is to be painted according to your taste with customary emulsion paint and adapted to the current style of living. Your elegant fireplace is thus always right on trend. The kit also includes an air wash system of the glass: An air flow that is deliberately positioned prevents the condensation and deposition of fumes on the inside of the glass. This keeps the glass cleaner longer. Our special triple air system ensures that combustion air is available wherever and whenever it is required for the combustion process. The result is a particularly clean and efficient combustion.

Set of elements made of lightweight concrete (Emulsion paint is mandatory!) Closing edge for flush mounted construction Standard external combustion air connection Freestanding installation possible

More for your family and yourself: Your ORANIER-Plus.

Cost-efficient alternative.

Compared to a stonewalled wood stove, this type of stove is a particularly inexpensive solution if you are looking for pleasantly cosy warmth for your home.

Fast and simple set-up.


You can easily - and even repeatedly - set up the combination of the heating elements and the cladding.

Individual design.


Simply use customary emulsion paint that solidifies the surface to give your fireplace the look that suits you.