Cooktop extractors

What makes the perfect cooktop extractor?

Our hob extractor catches vapours where they arise.

ORANIER’s cooktop extractor is a revolution for every kitchen. Our hobs with the extractor positioned at the rear end allow for full-width cooking, with no obstacles such as holes or slots in the middle of the hob. This arrangement also ensures that there is no loss of storage room in the cabinet underneath the hob, so having your cutlery drawer there is no problem at all. You’ll be particularly impressed with the low noise level of the fans: even when switched to the highest level, the extractor is still quiet enough for a pleasant conversation.

And with its extremely high grease filter efficiency (class A, i.e., over 96%) it extracts cooking fumes to perfection, which means more fresh air for you in your kitchen. With a hob extractor you also enjoy a 'clear view' and can maintain eye contact with family or friends while cooking, with no extractor hood in your way. Suction here is directed downwards, and the vapours are extracted precisely where they arise.

Our cooktop extractors

The benefits of our cooktop extractors

Cooking and storage space

Because the extractor is at the back, you have plenty of room to cook. You can keep the drawer underneath the hob - with lots of storage space.

Fresh air.

An extremely efficient grease filter (class A, i.e., over 96%) extracts cooking fumes to perfection and keeps the air in your kitchen nice and fresh. Unpleasant kitchen smells and vapours are caught right at the hob.

Easy on your ears.

We believe that cooking and communication belong together. Our hob extractor is the quietest on the market, so that frying, chopping, and chatting no longer exclude one another.

Easy on your ears.

Close the extractor vent when salting and seasoning to keep spices from flying around. The flap closes flush with the cooktop and is easy to clean, as is the integrated collection tray. And the grease filter can go straight into the dishwasher. It's as easy as that.

Smart carbon filters

The professional activated carbon filter has a particularly long life span of up to 3 years due to its regenerability. For example, you can regenerate it in a water bath at a maximum temperature of 70°C for 60 minutes. Which is efficient and saves on costs.

Frameless design

Easy-care, as no crumbs and dust get caught in the frame. Flush mounting possible.

Revolutionary. For your kitchen.

ORANIER's revolutionary hob extractor is positioned at the rear end of the hob. For you, this means no obstacles such as holes or slots in the middle of the hob, and full-width cooking. Even when switched to full power, the extractor is still quiet enough for a pleasant conversation at a normal level. The extremely efficient grease filter (class A, i.e., over 96%) ensures that any cooking vapours are swiftly extracted. With this hob extractor, flying spices are a thing of the past: you can briefly interrupt the extractor by simply closing the flap while seasoning. As soon as you open it again, the fans start up again. Another advantage: because the extractor is right at the back, drawers can be positioned directly underneath the hob to full depth.

Regenerable professional activated carbon filter in circulation mode Grease filter-efficiency B Quiet Full storage space in your drawer underneath Cooking without limitations