Wood stove Pori 5

Delivery info

  • Stone/tile cover plate combination with warming compartment
  • Air-flow handle
  • Door for wood log storage
  • Standard external combustion air connection


(The connecting piece for external combustion air supply is not included in the scope of delivery.)


Technical details

Energy efficiency classA+
Connection possibilitytop / rear
Operation with external air supplyrear
Nominal heat output5,0 kW
Height1059 (Steel), 1089 (Stone) mm
Width523 mm
Depth387 mm
Weight (incl. packaging) steel102 kg
Weight (incl. packaging) stone143 kg
Room heating capacity up to88 m³
Efficiency>80 %
Length of logs25 cm
Exhaust gas mass flow6,5 g/s
Exhaust temperature266 °C
Required delivery pressure0,12 mbar

Accessories for your Wood stove Pori 5


5575_Pori5_User manual
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5575_Pori5_CE marking
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5575_Pori5_EU data sheet
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5575_Pori5_Declaration of performance
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5575_Pori5_Energy label
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Order numbers

Soapstone, corpus steel black5575 23
Ceramic Grappa, corpus steel black5575 74
Steel grey5575 29
Steel black5575 11
Ceramic Coretto, corpus steel grey5575 70
Ceramic Coretto, corpus steel black5575 73
Ceramic Freddo, corpus steel grey5575 72
Ceramic Freddo, corpus steel black5575 75
Sandstone, corpus steel black5575 42
Ceramic Grappa, corpus steel grey5575 71
Soapstone, corpus steel grey5575 22

Product highlights

BImSchV – Guaranteed clean!

All Oranier fireplaces and tiled stoves already represent the 2nd stage of the BImSchV, which came into force on 22.03.2010.

24 h continuous operation

A special feature of quality and enviromental friendliness. 

The Oven can be used temporary unlimited. Use only permissible fuels. Check the manual! 

Multi point locking system

The multi-point locking prevents warping of the fire door caused by high temperatures. In addition the special sealing prevents from unwanted air supply and and keeps the combustion quality stable in the oven.

Airwash system

A deliberately conducted airflow prevents condensation and deposition of flue gases at the inside of the glass. This keeps the window clear.


The special ORANIER triple-air-system provides for the ideally dosed air supply exactly where its needed for the combustion. The desired result is an especially clean and efficient combustion.

Air-flow handle

By air circulation through the ergonomically shaped handle the temperature at the surface is largely reduced.