Our promise

ORANIER - Our aspiration for your family

A home is more than just a place to live. Home is a place that offers stability, comfort, security. Something that will catch us when the world out there is moving a bit too fast again. That connects us with ourselves and with what is important to us. That brings us together as a family.


ORANIER has spent the last 400 years specialising in developing technology that makes your home a special place. Since 1904, we have invented and produced modern stoves and kitchen appliances, which not only increase living comfort and assist you in everyday life, but pursue a higher standard: to give families the feeling of being at home. For us, stoves and kitchen appliances are much more than just technology. Your first kitchen can be the beginning of a family and the beautiful stove in the living room the unifying happiness of your relationship. The technology you need for it is just as special. It has to suit your needs. Because it brings family together.

As a long-established German brand, we have been following this primary goal since 1904. Our sense of family, our understanding of community, and our technological know-how culminate in ever new product ideas for stoves and kitchen appliances, which make your home the best place in the world with innovative technical details and elegant functionality - and even award-winning designs. The family’s happy place.

It goes without saying that we use resources sustainably and responsibly, aim our products and services at longevity and utmost efficiency, and act as a reliable partner for customers and retailers. Our top priorities are people and their needs. This aspiration ensures that we are not just a strong brand on the market today and in the future - but a part of the family you can trust.

ORANIER is technology for you. For your family.