The aqua series

The aqua series -
A perfect combination

All wood stoves and wood stove sets of the Aqua-Series by ORANIER are able to support the central heating system of the entire household. Owing to the advanced technique it is possible to contribute between 60%-70% of the heat into the water cycle of the heating system. The other 30%-40% heat go to the room where the wood stove is installed.

ORANIER’s comprehensive technical support provides valuable data for planning your heating system. Additionally, the necessary accessories like AquaLoad-storage-charging-station, AquaControl-temperature-difference-controller and thermal discharge safety device, are available at ORANIER. The installation of an energy storage reservoir of at least 300 liters is fundamental for the Aqua-System. When combined with a solar system, a larger storage reservoir is required.

The wood stove with boiler function

Wood stoves with boiler function allow to spread the heat which has been produced by the wood stove all around the house.


It is based on an easy concept:
A part of the heat produced by combustion is branched off by the heat exchanger. Via a buffer reservoir the heated water is led to radiators around the house. Cooled down, the water returns back to the oven and starts over the cycle.


Operation without connection to the heating system is not possible and the connection must be completed by a qualified installer. The combination of an ORANIER wood stove with boiler function and another heat generator based on regenerative energy, e.g. solar energy or heat pump, can be very interesting for people who want to live an environmental friendly lifestyle.