Wood stoves

Stoves for your home

The architectural heart of your living room

ORANIER products have been warming family life of all generations for over 100 years now. When asked what distinguishes a characterful stove for the family, considering our many years’ experience, we simply answer: It has to do a good job in the long term. As a reliable source of heat. As the architectural heart of the familial living space and its ambience. And as a cosy place for homely gatherings. Fitting to these requirements, we don’t compromise in terms of technology, design, and functionality.


By the way: Compared to pellet stoves, a wood stove offers an exciting view of the dancing flames. The play of flames in a pellet stove is clearly less lively. Additionally, pleasant warmth is generated around the wood stove, which a pellet stove cannot emit. And, of course, the crackling of the logs creates a very special atmosphere. Whatever you decide on: We at ORANIER have the right solution to suit your needs and are more than happy to advise you.



Wood stoves

A wood stove brings that certain crackling and cosy warmth into your home, and you are simultaneously protecting the environment with this heating technology: Firewood is a regenerative combustible that is practically CO2-neutral when it burns.

Wood stoves with boiler function

Boiler-function stoves by ORANIER allow you to distribute cosiness and warmth into several rooms at the same time. And because service water is being heated, you save resources - and money.

More for your family and yourself: Your ORANIER-Plus.

Especially durable

An ORANIER stove is a 'fire-work' that stays lit - and something that you'll enjoy for a long time.


Technically mature

Utmost care in development and more than 100 years of experience culminate in products that meet the highest technical standards.


Spoilt for choice


Chose from a variety of stylish designs and an array of beautiful colours to create the warmth that you desire.


Timeless beauty


ORANIER stands for a design that outlasts every trend. Our stoves offer beautiful solutions for many years to come.

The highlights of our wood stoves

The classic stove, but in a modern interpretation: The Polar-Neo-Family members adapt to any spatial concept with their elliptical basic shape. The Polar Neo 4 has a safe lock system. What this means for you: The closed door is always tightly sealed; the hydraulic system is virtually maintenance-free and low-wear. The door is ergonomically user-friendly and closes very quietly. A special feature of quality and respect for the environment is the automatic control: The stove can be operated for an indefinite period.

You can refine the Polar Neo 4 with an optional cast-iron log storage compartment. And, if you like, we can even go one step further with the electronically controlled “OrKa-Control”: it provides optimum combustion of your fire with maximum fuel efficiency. The system controls the stove’s various air inlets via an actuator. Depending on the combustion temperature, the corresponding air duct is opened or closed. This ensures a consistently pleasant indoor temperature  without exhaust gas recirculation. A further benefit are reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements. The kit also includes an airwash system for the glass: An air flow that is deliberately positioned prevents the condensation and deposition of fumes on the inside of the glass. This keeps the glass clean. And the air-flow handle ensures that you won't burn your fingers when opening the door.

Safe-locking-system Automatic control Autzorized for independent from ambient air operation Cast iron door for wood storage is available optional Optional OrKa-Control Airwash system Air-flow handle

The stove that suits you

The crowning touch in your favourite colour. Personalize your stove with the cover plate and finish to suit your taste. As unique as you are, that’s how diverse our colour offer is. Whether you choose a homely natural stone or a shiny ceramic tile. Which unique model suits your feel-good ambience best?



Natural stones

Ceramic colors smooth

Ceramic colors Lines

Ceramic colors brushed