Wood stoves with boiler function

Wood stoves with boiler function

State-of-the-art energy-efficient heating technology

A wood stove with a water heat exchanger combines the fascination of fire and its pleasant warmth with the comfort and energy efficiency of modern heating technology. ORANIER offers you wood stoves with water heat exchangers as all-in-one systems that are suited for integration into your domestic heating system. Combination with a solar power system is possible upon request.


ORANIER’s technology for boiler stoves allows for the distribution of the generated heat into other rooms in the house. The principle is simple: water flows through a heat exchanger, thereby diverting part of the combustion heat for further use. The water thus generated is fed to the heaters where it gives off heat before returning to the stove as cold water.

Boiler stoves operate extremely efficiently and reduce the operating costs of a standard heating system: Up to 70 percent of the heat that is generated in the stove is transferred from the stove to the heating system. The remaining 30 percent warms the room itself. Boiler stoves from ORANIER can be used for a lifetime - with excellent combustion figures and particularly low emissions.

Our wood stoves with boiler function

Nominal heat output:

Room heating capacity up to:

Timeless chic and great versatility

With their elliptical basic shape, our Polar Neo family members nestle themselves comfortably into any room design. Our aquiferous aqua kit - the Polar Neo series offers more than 60 design variants to choose from - allows for feeding part of the heat output into your central heating system. For you, this means saving oil and gas and, on top of that, a reduction in the CO2 emissions.


As a special feature of quality and environmental friendliness, our Polar Neo Aqua stove is equipped with an automatic control: this means that the stove can be operated for an indefinite period. The integrated safe lock system ensures that the closed door is always tightly sealed; the hydraulic system is virtually maintenance-free and low-wear. The door opens and closes easily in almost complete silence. The kit also includes a thermal discharge safety device (TAS), the extra-large ash compartment, as well as a massive cast-iron door and a fitting cast floor.

Automatic control Safe-locking-system Thermal safety valve Extra large ash tray Solid cast iron door / cast iron base

More for your family and yourself: Your ORANIER-Plus.

Saves costs

The aquiferous wood stove assists in heating service water - it's light on your wallet.

Conserves resources.

 A wood stove uses renewable energy. So you are being considerate of the environment when heating.

Facilitates the transition months.

A wood stove supports your heating during the cold winter months, which in turn saves money.

Provides comfort.

Cosiness creates community: a wood stove’s warmth brings the whole family together.