Boiler pellet stoves for your home

Boiler pellet stoves for your home

Gets your house and your water warm.

First and foremost, our ORANIER pellet stoves are stoves for heating individual rooms in your house. They operate largely automatically, are efficient, and allow you to see the fire. Since its market launch, the boiler pellet stove has established itself as a mature firing system. Water is heated by the warmth generated in the pellet stove during combustion and subsequently fed into the heating circuit of your home via a buffer tank.

The combination with a solar system is especially effective as a boiler stove can potentially heat an entire family home. It also provides you with cost-effective support in the preparation of hot service water.

Our boiler pellet stoves

Smart heating

Our Carus Aqua boiler pellet stove feature an XL pellet tank - for an XL heating capacity of up to 100 hours. The cover plate of the pellet stove can be moved easily to allow for convenient refilling. The digital control panel is retractable which allows for an undisturbed view of the fire and of this very special flaming piece of furniture. All the stove’s functions can either be set on the digital control panel or via a remote control.

The comfortable rod handle makes opening the door easy. And the automatic burn pot cleaning function saves you time and work. By the way: Our Carus stove is a real winner: the winner of the Design Award Special 2016. It scores with its slim and cylindrical round silhouette, as well as with a large glass panel and many technical extras.

Extra large pellet tank Sliding mechanism for convenient pellet filling Retractable control panel Comfortable door opening function with bar handle Automatic burner pot cleaning function Design Award Special 2016

More for your family and yourself: Your ORANIER-Plus.

Renewable energy.

Comfortable handling.

Up to 100 hours of heating capacity.