FlexX-induction-hob with integrated cook top extractor (frameless) KXI 1062 Basic-PLUS

This model offers 4 installation variants

  • Flush-mounted
  • Fitted on the worktop
  • Fitted on the worktop with side rails in stainless steel or pureBLACK
  • Fitted on the worktop with frame in stainless steel or pureBLACK






  • Child safety lock
  • Overflow protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Safety function "small objects"
  • Residual heat indicator
  • Operating time limit



  • Red display indicators
  • 10 power levels per cooking zone (9 cooking levels, 1 booster level)
  • 2-fold booster
  • 1 double booster
  • 2 timers (max. 99 minutes each)
  • Short-time alarm
  • Pot recognition
  • Pot size detection
  • Bridge circuit (adjacent cooking zones can be bridged to form the FlexX zone)) 


2 induction cooking zones

  • right 230 x 230 mm: 1.85 kW
  • left 230 x 230 mm: 3 kW
  • FlexX zone 473 x 229 mm: 3.7 kW


Attention! Do not assemble above built-under-units (e.g. dishwasher or fridges) or corner cupboard in case of a flush mount assembling, the device can be opened from the bottom. The glass surface needs not to be disassembled.


Features extractor hood


Touch-Control (integrated to hob)


Power levels

3 normal levels, 1 intensive level


Special features

  • LED display red (integrated in hob)
  • Extraction flap closes flush with glass ceramic
    - easy cleaning and continuous surface
  • Automatic motor stop system when the extraction
    extraction flap closed
  • Integrated drip tray (holds up to 0.5 l of liquid)
  • Automatic run-on
  • Child safety lock
  • Grease filter cleaning indicator
  • 2-piece metal grease filter inside and dishwasher safe


Exhaust air spigot

» Ø 150
» Set to extract air mode at the factory
» U ml air operation possible (insert for professional activated carbon filter P 220/AFP 220 available)
» Profi activated charcoal filter P 220/AFP 200 is not included in the scope of delivery.


Technical details

Height 63-210 mm
Width 520 mm
Section width 570 mm
Cut depth 500 mm
Voltage 230 V
Safeguarding 16 A
Connection 3,7 kW
Connection cable length 140 cm
Technical Data eshaust-/circulating air module
Energy efficiency class A
Annual energy consumption 44,3 kWh
Fan-Efficiency B
Grease filter Efficiency A
Sound power min. normal level (db(A) re 1 pW) 41 dB
Sound power max. normal level (db(A) re 1 pW) 62 dB
Sound pressure min./max. normal level (db(A) re 20 µPa) 30/51 dB
Abluftleistung min. Normalstufe 162 m³/h
Exhaust air output max. normal level 439 m³/h
Exhaust air power intensive level 541 m³/h
Technology Induction
Width 550 mm
Height 356 mm
Depth 234 mm
Voltage 230 V
Safeguarding 16 A
Connection 0,275 kW
Connection cable length 100 cm

Order numbers

KXI 1062 exhaust/ circulation air 1062 82

Product highlights

Overheat protection

If the cooking zones are operated on maximum performance the overheat protection prevents the electronic devices from damage.

Overflow protection