Fully integrated dishwasher GAVI 7545

Fully integrated, floorLIGHT, Gastro50 programme,


Electronic operation via soft keys, LED display black/white

6 rinsing programmes

  • Pre-rinse cold
  • ECO 45°C
  • Glasses 40°C, 30 Min
  • Gastro50 65°, 50 Min
  • Intensiv 65°C
  • HygienePRO 70°C


  • Overflow protection
  • Electronic Aqua-Stop


  • All-round stainless steel inner container
  • 1/2 Loading
  • Start time delay (max. 19 hours)
  • floorLIGHT (goes out at the end of the programme)
  • Electronic salt indicator
  • Electronic rinse aid indicator
  • Electronic display when the water inlet is closed
  • 2 Spray levels
  • LiftmatikPLUS: height-adjustable upper basket
  • Height-adjustable side shelves in the upper basket
  • Fold-down plate holders in the upper and lower baskets
  • Dish baskets with handle
  • Antibacterial coated filter bacteriaSTOP


  • Supply hose rear centre approx. 170 cm (incl. Aquastop)
  • Drain hose rear centre approx. 180 cm
  • Can be screwed to the side (e.g. for granite worktop)
  • Front adjustment
  • Rear foot adjustable from the front
  • Height adjustable feet (+ 5 cm)
  • Max. weight decor front 8 kg

*im ECO-Programm bei Kaltwasseranschluss.
Der tatsächliche Energieverbrauch hängt von der jeweiligen Nutzung des Gerätes ab.
Angaben gemäß Verordnung (EU) 2019/2017

Technical details

Connection 1,9 kW
Voltage 220-240 V
Safeguarding 10 A
Noise 45 dB(A)
Airborne noise class C*
Water consumption per rinse cycle 12* L im ECO-Programm
Energy consumption per rinse cycle 0,923* kWh im ECO-Programm

Order numbers

GAVI 7582 7582 84

Product highlights


With bacteriaSTOP, the dishes are more than clean: they are hygienically clean.
The specially coated filter reliably eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and provides additional safety.

The best:

This also effectively prevents unpleasant smells.


Height-adjustable upper basket with LIFTMATIK



Aqua-Stop is a safety system for dishwashers to prevent water damage. The water level is controlled by sensors that automatically stop water supply if water loss is suspected.