Wood stoves with dual-fire-technology

Wood stove with dual-fire-technology for your home

Highly efficient, low in emissions

The warmth of a crackling fire is certainly nourishing. But the heat arising from two combustion chambers is doubly impressive. ORANIER's dual-fire-technology combines the dynamics of the wood carburettor principle with an efficiency of more than 90 percent and brings it to your home, giving you the luxury of incredibly long and low-emission combustion times. With no need to pile on more wood.


ORANIER has further developed the efficient dual-fire-technology for wood stoves. The first step is to kindle the fire in the upper combustion chamber of the stove, as usual. Now it burns down. After the fire has burned down to the basic embers, more wood is put on.

The fire is ablaze again after about one minute. You can now close the combustion valve. The natural draft of the chimney sucks the wood gases through the injection box and into the lower combustion chamber where post-combustion takes place in a particularly efficient and low-emission manner. Subsequently, the exhaust gases are routed along the back of the two combustion chambers and past the heat exchanger into the chimney. Compared to conventional stoves, this innovative technology not only enhances efficiency but also the comfort you and your loved ones will enjoy.


Our wood stove with dual-fire-technology

Nominal heat output:

Room heating capacity up to:

Beautifully intense. Unusually strong.

The Aiolos wood stove brings you the double force of two combustion chambers that blaze within. It impresses with its low emissions and high degree of efficiency of more than 86 percent. The two separately operable firebox doors feature the ORANIER snap-lock, a self-locking mechanism: when closing the door, springs force the locking latch to snap shut, thus keeping the door securely closed; it can easily be opened again with the XXL handle. A handy extra for you: integrated screen rinsing. An air flow that is deliberately positioned prevents the condensation and deposition of fumes on the inside of the screen. This keeps the glass screen nice and clean.

Low emissionsHigh efficiencyHigh filling capacityTwo separately handled fire doorsGlass air flushing in both combustion chambers

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Highly efficient combustion.

High degree of efficiency.

Amazing display of flames.