AquaControl-difference-controller III

The classic for wood stove control

The AquaControl-difference-controller III is the smaller version of the MasterControl. It is used when a wood stove with boiler function operates without the solar system. The wood stove is wired in series connection to the tank. Achieving the necessary operating temperature at the heating device, the temperature difference-controller controls the AquaLoadPump and the 3-way-cross-valve, using 2 rotational speed controlled relay output and 4 sensor inputs.
It is controlled by three buttons and a LCD display with four pre-installed basic schemes. Other functions: anti lock for wood stove pump, max. temperature limit, target temperature control, time switch for cross valve, operating hour counter.

Delivery info

The accessories include the wall mount and 4 sensors.

Technical details

Height172 mm
Width110 mm
Depth46 mm
Switching outputs2 Halbleiterausgänge + 2 PWM-Ausgänge
Sensor inputs4 x PT 1000
Temperature sensor4 Stück PT 1000
InstallationWandmontage, Schalttafeleinbau möglich
AnzeigeLC-Monitoring-Display mit Textunterstützung
BusResol VBus
Switching capacity1 (1) A 240V

Order numbers

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