Vacuuming drawer VKS 9805 12

Vacuuming drawer, height 14 cm with marinade booster



  • Electromechanical check valve
  • Magnetic self-locking of the tray against uninentional closing during assembly and operation



  • Handleless (push-pull system - opens on slight pressure)
  • TouchContro operation
  • Easy to clean stainless steel interior
  • 8 mm hard glass cover of the vacuum chamber
  • Vacuum pump suction power 4 m³/h
  • Construction : Chamber vacuum sealer
  • Self-locking telescopic full extension



  • Vacuuming in vacuum bags (up to 250x350mm) 
  • Vacuuming in vaccum recipient
  • Preserving, marinating, portioning of solid or liquid foods
  • Preserving or subsequent cooking (water bath or steamer)
  • 3 selectable vacuum levels
  • Automatic marinade booster (allows you to marinate meat, for example in just 5 minutes)
  • Automatic 2 phase sealing of vacuum bags
  • 3 sealing levels selectable depending on bag thickness 


Schuko plug, cable length approx. 180 cm


The Vacuuming drawer can be combinated with the following devices side by side and on top of each other :

Self-cleaning built-in ovens EBP 9884 12
Self-cleaning built-in ovens EBP 9881 12
Electric built-in oven
EBS 9933 12
Steamer EDG 9808 12
Compact-oven with microwave KMH 9803 12
Warming drawer WS 9801 12


Delivery info

  • Vakuuming bags:
    • Cooking, strong 75μm, for preserving in a refrigerator and for cooking in a water bath (at 100°C up to 4 hoursStunden) 200 x 300 mm: 50 pcs.,           250 x 350 mm: 50 Stck.
    • Freezing, strong 90μm, for preserving in freezer to -25°C. Also suitable for preserving in the refrigerator and cooking in a water bath at 100°C up to      15 minutes) 200 x 300 mm: 50 pcs, 250 x 350 mm: 50 pcs.
    • Scution hose, length 100cm, for connection external recipients

Technical details

Width592 mm
Depth548 mm
Height141 mm
Installation width550 mm
Installation height141 mm
Installation depth550 mm
Connection0,24 kW
Supply voltage230 V
Safeguarding10 A
Weight (incl. packaging)7 kg
Loading7 kg

Order numbers

VKS 9805 129805 12