Surface induction hob FLI 2068 SL

This model can be assembled in 4 different ways:

  • Flush mount
  • On top of worktop
  • Placed on the worktop with
    side rails in stainless steel or pureBLACK
  • Placed on the worktop with
    frame in stainless steel or pureBLACK



4 slider-Control


  • Child protection
  • Overflow protection
  • Overheat protection „empty pod“
  • Safety function „small objects“
  • Residual heat display
  • Operation time limit


4 induction-cooking areas:

  • Each size 250 x 185 mm; each max. performance 3,7 kW
  • Induction zones are almost rectangular
  • Homogeneous MAXI-Zones can be enabled    



Attention! Not to be installed on sub-assemblies (such as dishwashers or refrigerators) and full-tilt rotary cabinets. With flush mounting, the unit can be opened from below in case of service. Glass surface does not need to be removed.

Delivery info

  • Slider and Timer LED white
  • Pot position detection
  • 14 performance levels for each cooking area (9 cooking levels, 3 warm keeping levels, 2 booster levels)
  • Direct selection of the cooking levels
  • 4-times double-booster
  • 4-times timer (max. each 99 minutes)
  • 2 MAXI-zones (By connecting of two cooking areas on top of each other)
  • Automatic connection (MAXI-Zone connects automatically if there is pot/pan covering two cooking areas)
  • Timer, automatic cooking system, pause function
  • Pot detection, pot size detection
  • 3 warm keeping levels each cooking area (melting at approximately 42° C, warm keeping at approximately 70° C, water simmering at approximately 94° C)
  • All MAXI-zones can be used with conventional pans and pots. The GRILL-function can be used additionally:
    – level 7-9 for meat
    – level 4-6 for fish
    – level 1-3 vegetables
  • Opaque glass (electronic components cannot be seen)

Technical details

Width 590 mm
Height 49 mm
Depth 520 mm
Section width 560 mm
Cut depth 490 mm
Voltage 400 V
Safeguarding 16 A
Connection 7,4 kW
Connection cable length 140 cm
Technology Induction

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Order numbers

FLI 2068 SL 2068 15

Product highlights


The intended temperature can be controlled easily by a movement of the finger. The slider dislpay provides a clear apperance.

Overheat protection

If the cooking zones are operated on maximum performance the overheat protection prevents the electronic devices from damage.

Overflow protection