FlexX-induction-hob (framless) KXI 2062 SL

This model offers 4 installation variants

» Flush-mounted

» Fitted on the worktop

» Fitted on the worktop with side rails in stainless steel or pureBLACK

» Fitted on the worktop with frame in stainless steel or pureBLACK





 » Child safety lock

 » Overflow protection

 » Overheating protection

 » residual heat indicator

 » Operating time limit



» Slider LED and timer LED red

» 9 power levels per cooking zone

» Direct selection of each cooking level

» 3-fold booster (front left, front and rear right)

» 4 timers (max. 99 minutes each)

» Short-time alarm

» Automatic boil-off

» Pause function

» Control panel lock

» Keep warm position (approx. 70°C)

» Pot recognition

» Pot size detection

» Bridge circuit (cooking zones on the left side that are on top of each other can be bridged to form the FlexX zone)


4 induction cooking zones

» front right 180 mm: 1.4 kW

» front left 175 mm: 2 kW

» rear right 220 mm: 3 kW

» rear left 175 mm: 1.4 kW

» FlexX zone 200 x 417 mm: 2.8 kW



Attention! Do not assemble above built-under-units (e.g. dishwasher or fridges) or corner cupboard In case of a flush mount assembling, the device can be opened from the bottom. The glass surface needs not to be disassembled.

Technical details

Width590 mm
Height57 mm
Depth520 mm
Section width560 mm
Cut depth490 mm
Voltage400 V
Safeguarding16 A
Connection7,1 kW
Connection cable length140 cm

Order numbers

KXI 20622062 61

Product highlights

Overflow protection

Overheat protection

If the cooking zones are operated on maximum performance the overheat protection prevents the electronic devices from damage.


The intended temperature can be controlled easily by a movement of the finger. The slider dislpay provides a clear apperance.