Surface induction with integrated cooktop exhaust air/circulating air module KFL 2094bc

Award-winning design with perfect functionality, the German Design Award Winner 2018.

This hob allows 4 ways of assembling:

  • Flush with the surface
  • Placed on the worktop
  • Fitted on the worktop with
    side rails in stainless steel or pureBLACK
  • Placed on the worktop with frame in stainless steel or pureBLACK

Features surface induction:


4-fold slider operation, LED indicators for hob control white, for fan control red


  • Child protection
  • Overflow protection
  • Overheat protection „empty pot“
  • Safety function „small objects“
  • Residual heat display
  • Operation time limit


4 induction-cooking areas:

  • each 200 x 230 mm; each max. 3,7 kW, induction zones are almost rectangular so they allow homogeneous MAXI-zones, each 400 x 230 mm


Features extractor hood:


  • Touch-Control (integrated to hob)

Performance levels for:

  • 3 normal modes, 1 intense mode


  • LED display red (integrated in hob)
  • Extraction flap closes flush with glass ceramic
    easy cleaning and continuous surface
  • Automatic motor stop system when the extraction
    extraction flap closed
  • Integrated drip tray (holds up to 0.5 l of liquid)
  • Automatic run-on
  • Child safety lock
  • Grease filter cleaning indicator
  • 2-piece metal grease filter inside and dishwasher safe


What you need for be-cook:

Matching your kitchen you will find ORANIER induction hobs with be-cook in different sizes and variants. Just like the matching cookware.
The HESTAN CUE ™ app is available in your app store.


Air vent: 
No, the product does not have an exhaust port. Information according to EU Regulation No. 65/2014 not possible.
(rectangular outlet area about 75 x 700 mm)


Pro-active carbon filter P 220

The professional activated carbon filter can be regenerated up to 5 times. The regeneration can be done in the dishwasher or alternatively in a water bath. The service life is max. 3 years, depending on the frequency of use.

Delivery info

  • be-cook
  • Pot position detection
  • 14 power levels per cooking zone
    (9 cooking levels, 3 keep-warm levels, 2 booster levels)
  • 9 GRILL levels
  • Direct selection of cooking levels
  • 4-fold double booster
  • 4 timers (max. 99 minutes each)
  • 2 MAXI zones (by bridging two adjacent cooking zones)
  • Bridge circuit (adjacent cooking zones can be bridged to form a MAXI zone)
  • Short-time alarm, automatic boil-on, pause function
  • Pot recognition, pot size recognition
  • 3 heat-retaining levels per cooking zone (melting at approx. 42° C., keeping warm at approx. 70° C,
    simmer water at approx. 94° C)
  • All MAXI zones can be used conventionally with pots and pans and additionally offer the GRILL function
  • The GRILL function with 9 special GRILL levels:
    - Level 7-9 for meat
    - Level 4-6 for fish
    - Level 1-3 for vegetables
  • The GRILL function ensures optimum adaptation of the GRILL plate (optional accessory) to the induction technology.
  • Opaque glass (electronic components in the housing not visible)



Technical details

Width 910 mm
Height 49-210 mm
Depth 520 mm
Voltage 400 V
Safeguarding 16 A
Section width 890 mm
Connection 7,4 kW
Cut depth 500 mm
Technical data exhaust air module
Energy efficiency class A
Annual energy consumption 42,3 kWh
Fan-Efficiency A
Grease filter Efficiency A
Sound power min. normal level (db(A) re 1 pW) 39 dB
Sound power max. normal level (db(A) re 1 pW) 58 dB
Sound pressure min./max. normal level (db(A) re 20 µPa) 28/47 dB
Abluftleistung min. Normalstufe 183 m³/h
Exhaust air output max. normal level 425 m³/h
Exhaust air power intensive level 627 m³/h
Technical Data eshaust-/circulating air module
Width 550 mm
Height 356 mm
Depth 234 mm
Voltage 230 V
Safeguarding 16 A
Connection 0,275 kW
Connection cable length 100 cm

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Order numbers

KFL 2094bc Circulation air 2094 59

Product highlights

The smart way to cook

Whether fish, meat or vegetables, starter, main course or dessert. The HESTAN CUE ™ app will always find the right recipes for every taste. The highlight: cooking time, cooking level and cooking temperature are controlled automatically. Whatever you want to cook, hob, cookware and app will create a perfect result. You receive detailed instructions with step-by-step videos and cooking and preparation times. By connecting with Bluetooth, you're always on the safe side and relaxed at the same time. The smart way to cook.


Overflow protection

Overheat protection

If the cooking zones are operated on maximum performance the overheat protection prevents the electronic devices from damage.


The intended temperature can be controlled easily by a movement of the finger. The slider dislpay provides a clear apperance.