To make sure that the result of your cooking is not a gut feeling,
but smart precision.

Cook like a pro

Who hasn't ever asked themselves: How warm is medium heat? When is a steak actually medium? When is the salmon glazed fried? When should I turn a crêpe before I burn it?


You have come across a great recipe and want to try it out, but you are not sure it'll be a success? Be-cook is your delicious-guarantee. What you need to get there?

  • A smart ORANIER induction hob.
  • Smart cookware from HESTAN CUE™.
  • The free HESTAN CUE™ app with 100+ recipes, created by star chefs.

The app from HESTAN CUE ™

Choose your favourite dish from a 100+ (and growing) list of great recipes created by top chefs. The HESTAN CUE™ app shows you what to prepare, guides you through the individual cooking steps, and knows exactly what's going on in your cookware.


Cooking better has never been easier.

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Your benefits from be-cook

Cook like a pro.

Accurate temperatures in your pan.



Step by step video instructions.

Perfect taste.



Cooking the smart way.

Whether fish, meat or vegetables, starter, main course or dessert. The HESTAN CUE ™ app will always find the right recipes for every taste. The highlight: cooking time, cooking level and cooking temperature are controlled automatically. Whatever you want to cook, hob, cookware and app will create a perfect result. You receive detailed instructions with step-by-step videos and cooking and preparation times. By connecting with Bluetooth, you're always on the safe side and relaxed at the same time. The smart way to cook.

The app from HESTAN CUE ™
HESTAN CUE ™ – the app, which connects via Bluetooth with ORANIER hob and cookware and easily brings over 100 delicious courts on the table.
Smart cookware
The smart HESTAN CUE ™ cookware with Bluetooth is perfectly matched to the beige ORANIER cooktops. This is how every recipe from the app succeeds - guaranteed.
Smart hob
ORANIER Bluetooth induction hobs create the smart connection of hob, cookware
and recipes app from HESTAN CUE ™. So that everything succeeds.

What you need for be-cook