Stationary freestanding cooker and oven DC 1999

Stationary freestanding cooker and oven electronic-electronic DC 1999 - stainless steel



  • Glass ceramic hob with HiLight-cooking zones:
    – 1 single circle zone (210 mm 2,3 kW)
    – 2 single circle zone (180 mm 1,8 kW)
    – 2 single circle zone (145 mm 1,2 kW)
  • Residual heat display 5-pieces
  • Heat protection bar stainless steel back


  • Multifunctional electronic oven with cross air flow
  • Top and bottom heat
  • Top and bottom heat with circulating air
  • Full width grill with circulating air
  • Full width grill
  • Half width grill
  • Hot air
  • Pizza mode
  • Defrost mode
  • Triple floodlighting (back left + right, and also left side lateral)
  • Programmable timer (beginning, duration and end of cooking time)
  • Oven door is equipped with triple glazing and can be taken off
  • Full glass inner pane, removable
  • Temperature range: 70-250 °C

Please notice! These devices are not made for the fixed installation in the kitchen. The minimum distance to other kitchen devices with the same height is 2 cm.

Delivery info

  • Operating knobs in stainless steel design
  • Warm keeping area underneath the oven with flap
  • Height adjustable feet (+ 5 cm) up to a work height of 90 cm
  • Double telescopic pull out
  • 1 chromed cooking grid
  • 1 enamelled baking tray
  • 1 enamelled dripping pan

Technical details

Width 890 mm
Height 610 mm
Depth 850 - 900 mm
Oven capacity 105 l
Oven interior width 725 mm
Oven interior deep 410 mm
Oven interior height 352 mm
Empty weight 74 kg
Connection consumption 11,375 W
Supply voltage 400 V
Energy efficiency class A
Energy consumption per cycle conventionally in kWh 1,03 kWh
Energy consumption per cycle circulating air in kWh 0,94 kWh
Technology Elektro-Elektro-Kombination

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1999 Bedienungsanleitung DC 1999
pdf 4.44 MB
1999 04 Energielabel
PDF 1.42 MB
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1999 Maßzeichnung DC 1999
pdf 45.41 KB

Order numbers

DC 1999, Edelstahl 1999 04

Product highlights

Electric cooking surface

Electric oven

Defrost mode

Programmable oven


Hot air

Full width grill with circulating air

Full width grill

Top / bottom heat

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Die Hitze verteilt sich überall gleichmäßig. Diese Beheizungsart ist vor allem für die Zubereitung von Braten, Brot und für den Römertopf geeignet.


Top / bottom heat with circulating air

Pizza mode

The perfect pizza has a crispy bottom and a juicy topping. With the simultaneous use of fan, ring heater and bottom heat, this setting is the best prerequisite for maximum pizza enjoyment.