Fully integrated dishwasher GAVI 7592 and GAVI 7592 XL

Fully integrated, LED interior lighting,
removable cutlery drawer, floorLIGHT, LiftmatikPLUS,
Gastro50 programme, DampfPLUS programme, Turbo Drying, bacteriaSTOP



Electronic operation via soft keys, LED display black/white

9 rinse programmes

  • ECO 45°C
  • Auto 50 - 70°C
  • Auto 30 - 50°C
  • DampfPLUS 70°C
  • HygienePRO 70°C
  • Gastro50 65°C, 50 min
  • DuoPRO 60°C
  • Glasses 40°C, 30 min
  • Short rinse 30°C, 14 min



  • Overflow protection
  • Electronic Aqua-Stop



  • All-round stainless steel interior container
  • 4-fold LED interior lighting
  • floorLIGHT (goes out at the end of the programme)
  • Start time delay (max. 19 hours)
  • Remaining time indicator
  • Electronic salt indicator
  • Electronic rinse aid indicator
  • Washing level selection (upper basket/lower basket)
  • Total of 3 spray levels
  • Vario-PLUS cutlery drawer (removable)
  • 3-way height-adjustable upper basket with LiftmatikPLUS upper basket with LiftmatikPLUS³ and 2 folding side shelves with soft-touch finish
  • Fold-down plate holders in the lower basket
  • Dish racks with handle
  • Turbidity sensor
  • BLDC circulation pump
  • Additional functions (selection and activation depends on the selected washing programme):
    - Extra-Dry
    - Extra-Quiet
    - Extra-Fast
  • Antibacterial coated filter bacteriaSTOP

* in the ECO program with cold water connection. The actual energy consumption depends on how the device is used. Information according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2017

Technical details

Connection 1,9 kW
Voltage 220-240 V
Airborne noise class B
Water consumption per rinse cycle 9 L im ECO-Programm
Energy consumption per rinse cycle 0,861 kWh im ECO-Programm
Energy efficiency class D

Technical details GAVI 7592

Width 598 mm
Height 820 - 870 mm
Depth 550 mm
Load height upper basket max. 20 cm
Loading height upper basket min. 15 cm
Loading height lower basket max. 31 cm
Loading height lower basket min. 26 cm

Technical details GAVI 7592 XL

Width 598 mm
Height 860 - 910 mm
Depth 550 mm
Load height upper basket max. 20,5 cm
Loading height upper basket min. 15,5 cm
Loading height lower basket max. 34,5 cm
Loading height lower basket min. 29,5 cm

Order numbers

GAVI 7592 7592 84
GAVI 7592 XL 7592 88

Product highlights


With bacteriaSTOP, the dishes are more than clean: they are hygienically clean.
The specially coated filter reliably eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria and provides additional safety.

The best:

This also effectively prevents unpleasant smells.


Height-adjustable upper basket with LIFTMATIK


Super silent < 49 dB

ORANIER Dishwasher with this logo operate super silent due to an extra isolation. The noise level is lower than < 49 dB.



Aqua-Stop is a safety system for dishwashers to prevent water damage. The water level is controlled by sensors that automatically stop water supply if water loss is suspected.

Can be mount off the floor