Fully integrated dishwasher GAVI 7584 63

Fully integrated, Energy efficiency A+++, drying efficiency A



  • Electronic control via soft push buttons and LCD-Display
    black/white with international language guide  (D, E, F, GB, RU)


8 programs:

  • Auto 45°-55°C
  • Intensiv 65°C
  • Normal 55°C
  • Eco 50°C
  • Gastro90 – normal quickwash 65°C (90 Min.)
  • Quik 40°C (40 Min.)
  • Glass 45°C
  • Soaking / pre-rinsing cold



  • Overflow protection
  • Electronic Aqua-Stop



  • Stainless steel inner container
  • Start time delay (max. 24 hours)
  • Remaining time display
  • Elektronic salt level display
  • Elektronic rinse agent
  • Selection of washing level (upper basket / lower basket)
  • A total of 3 spray levels
  • Cutlery drawer Vario-PLUS (Removable)
  • Height adjustable upper basket with Liftmatik-Plus
  • Foldable plate holder in the lower basket
  • Cutlery basket with handle
  • Flow heater and heat exchanger
  • Additional function (Selection and connection depends on the selected wash program):
    • Extra drying function
    • Intensiv-cleaning
    • Express function

Technical details

Energy efficiency classA+++
Drying effectA
Width598 mm
Height815 - 870 mm
Depth550 mm
Place settings14
Connection1,85 kW
Supply voltage230 V
Safeguarding10 A
Load height upper basket max.21,0 cm
Loading height lower basket min.26,5 cm
Loading height upper basket min.16,0 cm
Loading height lower basket max.31,5 cm
Noise42 dB(A)
Water consumption in the year2800 L im ECO-Programm
Water consumption per rinse cycle10 L im ECO-Programm
power consumption per year237 kWh im ECO-Programm
Energy consumption per rinse cycle0,83 kWh im ECO-Programm

Order numbers

GAVI 75847584 63

Product highlights


Aqua-Stop is a safety system for dishwashers to prevent water damage. The water level is controlled by sensors that automatically stop water supply if water loss is suspected.

Super silent < 49 dB

ORANIER Dishwasher with this logo operate super silent due to an extra isolation. The noise level is lower than < 49 dB.


Can be mount off the floor


Height-adjustable upper basket with LIFTMATIK