FlexX-induction hob with integrated cook top extractor KXI 1092 Basic-PLUS recirculating air

This hob allows 3 ways of assembling:

  • Flush mount
  • On top of worktop
  • On top of worktop with stainless steel-sidebar


Features surface induction:


4 times slider-control


  • Child protection
  • Overflow protection
  • Overheat protection „empty pot“
  • Safety function „small objects“
  • Residual heat display
  • Operation time limit



4 induction-cooking areas:

  • right 215 x 195 mm; 1,85 kW
  • middle right 215 x 195 mm; 3 kW
  • middle left 185 mm; 1,4 kW
  • left 185 mm; 2 kW
  • Roasting zone: 3,7 kW


In case of a flush mount assembling, the device can be opened from the bottom. The glass surface needs not to be disassembled.


Integrated cooktop extractor

Features extractor hood:

Touch-control (integrated to hob)


Performance levels:
3 normal modes, 1 intense mode


  • 7-segment-display red
  • Extraction flap closes flush with glass ceramic cooktop
  • Easy cleaning due to the flat surface
  • The engine stops automatically if the flap gets closed
  • Exhaust flap
  • Integrated collection tray (carries up to 0.5 l liquid)
  • Delay switch-off
  • Child protection
  • Grease filter cleaning indicator
  • 2-piece metal filter inlay and dishwasher-safe
  • 1 set (= 2 pieces) advanced activated coal filter P 220 included to the standard scope of delivery


Pro-active carbon filter P 220

The professional activated carbon filter can be regenerated up to 5 times. The regeneration can be done in the dishwasher or alternatively in a water bath. The service life is max. 3 years, depending on the frequency of use.


Air vent: 
No, the product does not have an exhaust port. Information according to EU Regulation No. 65/2014 not possible.
( rectangular outlet area about 75 x 700 mm)



  • Only recirculation mode possible
  • Engine level 1: ca. 330 m³/h - ca. 53 dB(A)
  • Engine level 3: ca. 550 m³/h - ca. 65 dB(A)
  • Engine level 4: ca. 830 m³/h
  • Alternative indication of the values of the motor (not built in) Q IEC150 [m³/h] – Sound power levels [dB(A)re 1pW] ±1

Delivery info

  • Display-color: red
  • Performance levels for each cooking area (9 cooking levels, 1 booster level)
  • 4-times booster
  • 1 double-booster (middle right)
  • 4 timer (each 99 minutes max.)
  • Timer
  • Pot detection
  • Pot size detection   
  • Cooking zones on the right side can be connected to a roasting zone.
  • Opaque glass (electronic components cannot be seen)

Technical details

Width910 mm
Height63-210 mm
Depth520 mm
Section width890 mm
Cut depth500 mm
Voltage400 V
Safeguarding16 A
Technical data Recirculation module
Connection7,1 kW
Width730 mm
Height445 mm
Connection cable length140 cm
Depth230 mm
Voltage230 V
Safeguarding16 A
Connection0,275 kW
Connection cable length100 cm

Accessories for your FlexX-induction hob with integrated cook top extractor KXI 1092 Basic-PLUS recirculating air

Order numbers

KXI 1092 circulation air1092 70

Product highlights

Comparative winner hob with integrated extractor hood

Overheat protection

If the cooking zones are operated on maximum performance the overheat protection prevents the electronic devices from damage.

Overflow protection