Built in oven with SteamPLUS EBD 9884

Built in oven with steam assistance,
XL-baking room 78 Liter,
Energie efficiency A, 10 functions, TFT-colourdisplay


» Cross air flow and cooling of housing

» Operation indicator light

» Oven temperature control light

» Child-proof lock

10 functions und
7 ways of heating:

» Vap Clean+ (cleaning programme with steam)

» Real hot air

» Top/bottom heat with convection

» Top/bottom heat

» Bottom heat with real hot air

» Large-surface grill with convection

» Large-surface grill

» Grill

» Defrost

» SteamPLUS can be activated


» pureBLACK design toggle

» TFT colour display

» Programmable timer (cooking start, cooking time, cooking end)

» Short-time alarm clock

» EasySTART automatic weight control with over 140 programmes in 11 food categories

» ComfortMOVE-Door - soft opening and closing of the door

» Easy-Click&Turn operation

» SteamPLUS - steam-assisted cooking can be switched to operating modes

» MEMO - programme memory for own cooking sequences


Easy-care ORANIER CLEAN UP enamelling

Oven door:

» FullClear-Door, (easy cleaning thanks to seamless all-glass inner door pane with TopCover and large viewing window)

» 4-fold glazing with ventilation of the inner panes

» The inner door panes can be easily cleaned and removed without tools

» Oven door can be skinned out

Delivery info

» Chrome-plated railing system with 9 shelves

» 1 grill rack, 1 baking tray, 1 grease pan

Technical details

Width595 mm
Height595 mm
Depth575 mm
Installation width590 mm
Installation height580 mm
Installation depth550 mm
Connection3,3 kW
Voltage220-240 V
Safeguarding16 A
Connection cable length100 cm
Energy efficiency classA
Energy consumption conventional heating0,91 kWh
Energy consumption circulating air0,82 kWh
Useful cooking space volume78 liter
min. temperature50 °C
max. temperature275 °C

Order numbers

EBD 9884 159884 15

Product highlights

Hot air

Top / bottom heat with circulating air

Top / bottom heat

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Die Hitze verteilt sich überall gleichmäßig. Diese Beheizungsart ist vor allem für die Zubereitung von Braten, Brot und für den Römertopf geeignet.


Bottom heat with hot air

Full width grill with circulating air

Full width grill

Half width grill

Defrost mode

Programmable oven

Triple heat protection glazing